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WHC Soccer Information

Age Groups

Registration for Fall will open in late May. The Coaches meeting will be held at the Howard County Fairgrounds in late July.  Practices typically start in mid to late August.  Opening Day will be scheduled the Saturday before Labor Day in 2020.  The number of teams will be determined by July 1st based on the number of players that are registered.  Please register and submit payment before July 1st to Guarantee a spot on a team this year.


Please contact our referee coordinator Mike Hoppers at .

Coach and Parent Basics

  • 1 Coach and 1 assistant Coach on the players side.
  • Coaches stay on their half of the sidelines – do not pass center line or the front of the penalty box line on the sidelines.
  • No one can stand near or behind the goal to assist the goalie or instruct / distract the players.
  • The person that is chosen to help the ref on the sidelines with a flag is no longer a coach or parent they are an official for that game and can no longer advise players or distract players on either team.
  • For age groups that allow 1 coach on the field to advise; they must not obstruct play of the game or get close to the goal during play. Stay to the side, the players can still hear you.
  • The referee is in charge at all games. Do not argue with the ref. At halftime and after the game you can politely ask a question about a certain call so you will understand what the ref could see that you did not.

Practices and Games

When Fields are closed by the Schools or Recreation and Parks, Practices & Games are cancelled.

For School Fields:   call 410-313-6827

For Recreation and Parks Fields:   call 410-313- 4372  ( Also MRHS and Gleneg High )


Western Howard County Soccer, Inc. provides a recreation environment that enables children to develop skills in soccer and use these skills with others in the same age bracket. Emphasis is on fun, skills and team play. All of our Board members are Volunteers that put in countless hours to make soccer fun. Feel free to ask if you can help in any way.


Registration is open to boys and girls ages 4-18. Team age determination date is August 31. 

There will be separate teams for boys and girls in all age groups. All age groups under 12 years old span 2 years.


Practices begin mid August. Field availability and coaches determine practice days and times. Parents are encouraged to attend practices and games, especially in case an emergency should arise.

Season Play

Games will be played on Saturdays, starting August 29th. The 4-9 age groups will play at Folly Quarter and Triadelphia Ridge in 2020.  12-13 age groups will play at Alpha Ridge .  Game dates and locations for the 14-18 age groups will be determined by the Howard Alliance of Teams for this Age Group, usually Saturday evening or Sundays at Covenant Park ( another league controls that schedule).

Team Assignments

Teams are grouped by age as follows Micro 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11,

Boys 12-13, Boys 14-18 , Girls 12-14, Girls15-18 .

The following is also taken into consideration:

  • Ages 4-9: Younger boys and girls will be assigned to teams primarily according to school district, depending on the number of volunteer coaches available and the number of teams that can be formed.

  • Ages 10-18: Older players will be assigned to teams on the basis of experience, ability, and geography. In an attempt to evenly distribute talent, players may be reassigned.

Jewelry and Glasses Policy

WHCS prohibits players of any age wearing any form of jewelry other than medical alert bracelets. This ban includes studs worn in newly pierced ears. Safety glasses or safety goggles are recommended in place of regular eyeglasses or over eyeglasses. Safety goggles in place of regular eyeglasses or over eyeglasses will be required.

Registration Fees

Early registration fees through June 30th are:  $105.00 per single player. Family discounts are available: (2) 200.00, (3) $280.00, (4) $350.00, (5) $420.00, etc ... Registration fees after June 30th are:  $125.00 per single player, (2) $240.00, (3) $340.00, (4) $430.00, (5) $520.00 , etc ...

Sportsmanship Code of Conduct

WHCS promotes positive, team oriented athletics. Players and families agree that conduct at all practices and games will be of a positive, supportive nature. Comments between players, coaches, game officials and other fans will be made to enhance the game and play, and to promote the good sportsmanship and fun historically associated with WHCSoccer, Inc. Failure to follow this Code of Conduct will lead to suspension or mandatory withdrawal from this program.

Registration Fee Refund Policy

Requests for refunds must be made in writing to the Registrar, you may email .

A $25.00 Processing Fee will be deducted from each request if placed on a team.

Western Howard County Soccer, Inc.
P.O. Box 279
Glenwood, Maryland 21738

Waived Conditions:

      Injury of child with Doctor's Note

      Residence change that involves leaving the area

      No Refunds after September 1st

Payments and Mailing Address

Credit card payment is the preferred method of payment for registration.  Although payments are made through PayPal, no membership to PayPal is required.

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